Monday, May 07, 2012

Gloosybox For Men, Take Two!

I thought I would give my thoughts (and my boyfriend's) on the latest Glossybox for men.*

The Glossybox for men is a quarterly thing, and is packed with 7 or so luxury samples for the boys! My BF loved the first one, and it really got him into looking after himself a little bit more - which pleases me lots!

This months box is a great one in my opinion, and came at the perfect time, because he has pretty much used up everything from his first box.

The Contents:

  • Organic Homme Repair Serum:
  • 4711 Cologne:
  • The Legends Alum Matchsticks:
  • Fab Body Moisturizer:
  • Liz Earle (Men) Face Scrub:
  • Kyoku Sake Shave Cream:
  • Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitiser:
He hasn't got around to trying everything out yet. Namely the matchsticks (which I am so curious about!) and the shave cream and serum. He loves the Fab moisturizer, it is unscented, rich and very moisturizing. He is preffy good and keeping his skin hydrated and likes this. The hand sanitiser is really lovely, I love it more than him (I am OCD about my hands) but he will not let me have it! The scent is lovely and calming and it's not drying to the hands atall. The cologne is teeny tiny, which is a shame because I like how it smells. He says it's a nice aftershave, but will only last two uses, it's a cute size though. Finally, the Liz Earle scrub.. he loves this and seemed quite amazed at how his skin felt after (that is a sure sign of someone who doesn't exfoliate enough!). He uses Cleanse and Polish already, but this is great every so often just to really get some good exfoliation.

You can check out Glossybox here. Get one for your man, I think he'll love it! It's just £15 every 3 months + P&P.

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laura said...

i didnt realise they did one for men!