Thursday, May 03, 2012

Orly Nail Polishes, Glitter and a NOTD.

I was recently sent three Orly nail polishes of my choice to try out. I've tried Orly once, and that was an ivory french manicure polish from them, which I love and lasts really well.

So I was very excited to try some more from them. Above you can see my selections.. Green with envy, Shine on crazy diamond, and Charged up. I love them all, and I didn't realise it at the time but the green and purple look very similar to the two new shades in the Illamasqua collection, no? .. I must have liked them together and without realising chose these!

Another great thing about Orly polishes is that they are a whopping 18ml for a reasonable price, and they have a great shade range! Check them out here.

So, I have them swatched on my nail wheel and a quick NOTD with Charged up..
I feel the swatches look much neater on here and it's easier to photograph. As you can see both shades are vivid and glossy. I used two thick coats of both polishes, but I found that on my natural nail I was better off using three coats, which is a bit of a pain because I am so impatient when it comes to my nails, but a quick dry topcoat sorts that out.

I love the vividness of the shades and the polishes on my natural nails last really well on me, I would say a good 3-4 days (That is good for me) without any topcoat.

Here is my NOTD with Charged up. Green with envy will be coming soon!
Last but not least, 'Shine on crazy diamond' .. How could I not choose this? I am a glitter girl and this really caught my eye. It's gorgeous, however not as glitter packed as I had hoped. It would take a few coats to get it opaque, but the glitter is fine and smooth. In my nail swatch I used one coat (I have no idea of the base colour. I just wanted something dark.)
I love the rainbow multi colour gorgeous sparkle so much!

Orly are definitely a new fav brand for me, I will definitely be checking out some more shades for Summer!

You can buy them online for £7.50.
- Charged Up
- Shine On Crazy Diamond
- Green With Envy


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Green with Envy is so stunning! Beautiful shades.

Anonymous said...

uau love the purple one :)


Claire said...

Charged up is very pretty :)