Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Review: Cover FX Eye Prep.

I have recently been testing out this priming product from Cover FX called Eye Prep FX*. This is the first thing I have ever tried from this brand and I wanted to give you my thoughts.

First off, it is paraben, oil and fragrance free, which is great.. and here is what Cover FX say about it:

This smoothing, silicone-free primer immediately hydrates and reduces undereye puffiness. Formulated to strengthen the skin around the eye dermal structure, this primer firms and rejuvenates while lightening dark undereye circles. It also doubles as a primer bonding to concealer and eye shadow for even, color-true, long-lasting wear.

My Thoughts: I reaaaaaally like it! All of those a's in really should emphasise that! .. Seriously, it's good, and not really for priming my eyelid, but for primind under my eyes, not something I ever used to do, until I got this! It feels so soothing when you apply it and just really creates a smooth base to apply concealer on top of. It's like a magical eye cream/under eye soother/smoother and it has become part of my every day makeup. It works great on the eyelids too, but I didn't find it helped my eyeshadow hold for as long as my trusty urban decay primer potion does.

What do you love from Cover FX? Have you tried this?


liloo said...

i want this so bad. first it was because of a review of @jadlgw and now you. aaaaaaaaa
liloo /@tsunimee xx
darn and that font on your header is be-you-tiful

Unknown said...

I really like it, it works great under the eyes.

I'm glad you like my header. I thought I would keep it simple. Thank you!