Thursday, June 07, 2012

Barry M Block Orange + Glitter NOTD.

My nails recently have grown extremely well and I think to the longest that my nails had ever been.. Yes, I said had - I cut them today, one broke at the tip and to be honest they were getting annoyingly long (like this). So I tipped the edges off with my clippers and semi squared them at the edges for a change. I like how they came out. They feel more manageable now.

So now a little story.. Many, many moons ago (about three years) Barry M held a blogger event, lots of bloggers / you tubers attended and at the end they gave us goodie bags.. Inside there were lots of nail paints, one of which was the the one featured today, block orange (301).

When I saw this in my goodie bag that day I turned my nose up and then put it with the tons of other polishes I have at home that I never use.. Until today that is! I don't know why, but I had an overwhelming want for orange nails, and I remembered this polish.

I have to say, I love it! Isn't it a gorgeous shade? Not too in your face, just a nice dark burnt orange shade. It's quite sheer though, this is 3 coats and I can still see the tips of my nails faintly underneath. It applies smoothly and dries quickly though, and the cream finish is stunning and the application was smooth.

To jazz it up a smidgen I added some glitter onto my accent nails (ring fingers) and applied a topcoat. I used accesorize 'gold dust' for that.

Job Done! Pretty huh?


Lydia said...

Block Orange looks lovely on you, and it's so shiny! xx

Misspeony said...

very nice!
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