Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretty Stuff - My Name Necklace. ♥

I love jewelry. Even more than that I love something unique or personalised to me, like my new 'Sophie' necklace* from

Name necklace sell tons of different personalised jewelry items on their website, from childrens items to rings, to little pendants and charms. For the name necklaces you can oviously have them say whatever you like (up to 12 characters, and two lines if you wish) as they are made personally for you.

They have loads of fonts to choose from and I finally chose 'Carrie' which is the same font that Carrie in Sex In The City has on her name necklace apparently (I don't watch, so I don't know). The necklaces come in sterling silver or 14 carat gold, but I am definitely more of a silver girl myself. I also chose the style with the small cubic zircona on it, just for a bit of added sparkle!

The necklace is made beautifully, the figaro chain is a great length for me, I opted for the 50cm length instead of the standard 45cm - the extra length is just an extra £4. I am in love with it!

These would make a perfect gift for absolutely anyone and they are so affordable. You should definitely browse the website, something is bound to catch your eye. I love the fact that you can have them say whatever you like, I am quite tempted to go for something controversial on one. I think that would be fun for nights out. (Haha!)

The delivery is free and fast and the customer service is brilliant. Who wouldn't love one of these?

Name Neckalce are online, here.


Jacie said...

I like it and it is so pretty and shiny! I will check them out.

Anonymous said...

Thank u 4 dis post. Im guna order one for my sis. Same as yours, it's pritty.

Carrie said...

Cute necklace and the crystal is a nice addition.

joannamae31 said...

Am inspired by this post. I have a plan to buy a Name Necklace for my mom this coming Christmas occasion.