Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Burberry Body Eau De Toilette.

I love fragrance. I guess I could say I'm a bit of a collector really, I have quite a selection that I've built up over the past few years and I love to try different scents. Two of my most favourites are Stella McCartney and Ghost (Original).

I recently acquire the new Burberry Body Eau-De-Toilette* and it is just stunning. The first thing I love is the packaging. It's in a tall sleek bottle which is heavy and classy looking.

The fragrance is very British and is the most sensual and feminine fragrance we have ever worked on. It's sophisticated, it's modern and it's delicate. We wanted it to be light and feminine but also distinctive - something that appeals to women regardless of their age .

The scent itself isn't like any other that I own. I'm not the best as describing scents but I get a woody, musky scenty with a peachy, slightly citrus hint. It's a perfect day fragrance that smells really fresh. I don't have any trouble with the lasting power, I always have some in a travalo to top up during the day, but I can still smell this on me after 5 or so hours, so I just add a little to refresh when I am out and about.

It's quite a pricey one, but Burberry is a a high end brand, and it makes me feel very luxurious.

This fragrance is available in bottles of 35, 60 and 85mls. Check out the website.


socialitedreams said...

i like it, very subtle and pretty

Anonymous said...

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