Monday, August 06, 2012

All About Eyes.. Japonesque.

I've only ever tried a few brushes from Japonesque before, all of which I really liked. Recently I tried these products that were sent to me for review. I got a heated lash curler, some outer corner lashes and a liner brush.

First I'll talk about the Pro Eyeliner Brush (£10.50) - I don't like it. I can't get along with it. It's stiff, I find it hard to use. Grr! .. I don't think it's the brushes fault, I've tried brushes like this before and I just fail at using them.I hate how they are super stiff and I just make a mess of my eyeliner when I attempt to use it. It's a nice, well made brush, but I cannot use it.

The Heated Mini Lash Curler (£12.50) - This terrified me to start with. I've read horror stories about heated lash curlers in the past and was scared I would have a disaster. I was worrying about nothing though, there are small, don't get too hot, and don't expose your actual eye to any danger. It says you can use it before or after mascara.. I'd say afterwards for sure, this did nothing for me before mascara, but it does give them a nice lift if I use it after. It's great to throw in your day-to-day makeup bag to give your lashes a boost.

Finally, The Demi Flair Lashes for the outer corners - I love outer corner lashes, they are the easiest to use. These are really pretty and give the eye and elongated cat eye look. The band was a little stiff to start, but I worked with it and they always loosen up eventually. They are great quality lashes and if you look after them can be used numerous times. I'll feature them in a makeup look soon.

Japonesque is available at HQHair.

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Unknown said...

I really want to try Japonesque and i also love outer corner lashes :) Great post!