Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cutey // Shamballa Bracelets.

Shamballa bracelets. I think they are gorgeous.. I didn't know much about them, other than they looked so pretty and eye catching when I was seeing celebs and reality starts wearing them about a year ago.. My Mum also loved them, so much so that she wanted one for Christmas.. I bought her one from a jewelry shop and it was considerably more pricy that these two gems that I was recently sent from a website called Cutey.

I have the White Shamballa Bracelet and the Multi Coloured Shamballa Bracelet. They are both gorgeous. The quality of these is excellent, they feel sturdy and are made of strong thread. It takes a while to loosen the thread up enough to be able to put them on yourself, but I got there after a few tries. I'd say they will fit anyone too, I'm in no way a slim girl and they fit me just fine.

How much?  These are just £18.99 with free delivery (to the UK). I love them, they are beautiful and very eye catching.. My pictures really don't do the sparkle they have justice, but take my word for it, the stones sparkle so nicely in the light. I've had numerous people ask where they're from in the past week, the multicolour one especially. The white is great with everything though, because it just looks like sparkly silver.. It is practically identical to the one I got for my Mum last Christmas.

The customer service for the site is great, these arrived within a couple of days and I've been wearing them since.  You can see these and the other Shamballa Bracelets Cutey sell here. They also have Pandora-esque Charm bracelets too.

Cutey are also on Twitter and Faceook. Follow them, they have the odd giveaway!


Unknown said...

Ooh these look like a decent version of the Tresor bracelets, very cute :)\


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I'ma look at the site now.

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These bracelets are very nice! I really want to have such item in my collection. Are they for sale online?