Thursday, August 02, 2012

Festival GLOSSYBOX: July.

This months GLOSSYBOX* is one worth mentioning and is full of some lovely goodies that would be perfect for Summer (If we got one!) or Festivals.. Or any other time really.

I never even posted about last months fail .. er, not so great box. I didn't see a need for me to add my opinion to hundreds of other negative posts about it. It was probably one of the worst for me though.

Anyway, they made up for it this month. I am happy with everything in the box.

I've never tried Kryolan, but this eyeshadow is so pretty, although I think I'll use it as a blush/highlighter because of the peachy shade. The Monu calming cream is green and great for redness. Just a tiny bit dabbed on the skin takes it right down. I'm super happy with that. The sea salt spray is cool, I've been using one from Fudge for a while and I like the effect they give. This is a cute size for travel. The collagen gel is very expensive for full size! I used it the other day and it did make my skin feel plump and very smooth, and it felt luxurious to use. But I don't ever want to fall too much in love with something that I could never afford a full size of. It's nice to try some real luxury products though. The Jelly Pong Pong lip gloss is delish! It smells and tastes lovely and it a bright pinky shade. I'm really happy with it.

This months box is definitely way worth more than the £10 (+ P&P) that you pay. You can subscribe to Glossybox here.

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hiikkis said...

Kryolan was made originally for theatre makeups so pigmenting has been good long time... I have used Kryolan eye/lips and other things 20 yrs ago first time -gasp- It has been 20 yrs when I was in makeup artist school...