Thursday, August 09, 2012

Look Beauty - Limited Edition - Cool Brittania!

How well are TeamGB doing in this years Olympics? Amazing! This is the first Olympics I've properly taken notice of, and I have gotten right into it.

Today's Nails Of The Day were done with the Limited Edition 'Cool Brittania'* Glitter Polish that Look Beauty released to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics.

It's packed full of red, blue and silver/white sparkle that is fully opaque within two coats. It's very fine glitter, but does feel slightly gritty on the nails, so I would suggest a topcoat to smooth that out. It looks amazing though and sparkles so much when it catches the light .. It wasn't as much of a mare to remove as I expected either. Yay for that!

Check it out here, It's only a fiver!


Cree...x said...

Love the way this looks! I love a bit of glitter! x

Unknown said...

Ooh it looks lovely!

Unknown said...

i am a SUCKER for glitter nail polishes. I HAVE TO TRY THIS.