Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Hottie Tottie Is Never Spotty.

Skincare is a funny one for me. I have products that I love and know I should stick to, but I often find myself straying, seeing if there is anything better, anything else that impresses me. I've recently been trying the Anatomicals Hottie Tottie* range.. If you have been a reader for a while you will know I love the Anatomicals brand. I love it's quirky marketing and snazzy packaging so much.

The packaging for these products, as you can see, is brilliantly eye catching. I love the bright pink and yellow, and the quirky names too. Anatomicals have such fun branding. The scent of these products is fruity, but not overpowering whatsoever, which I was glad of. I always feel wary of skincare that is strongly perfumed.

I've been trying the whole range for a good month or so, and here are my thoughts..

Blitz Pores & Phwoars! Shine Free Moisturiser - £3.99.
Featuring a light formula, this shine free moisturiser leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated with a fresh subtle scent.
This is one of the standouts for me. I find it hard to find a moisturiser I like. This one sinks in quickly and doesn't leave any greasy feel on my skin, and it does actually do a great job of keeping my oily skin shine free throughout the day. 
Here Zitty Zitty Daily Face Scrub - £4.00.
Featuring a light formula, this exfoliating scrub leaves the skin feeling soft and cleansed with a fresh subtle scent. For best results use twice daily. 
I didn't use this twice daily, I feel using something to exfoliate twice in my day is a little much, and I do always use my clarisonic in the evenings. I use this in the morning before my makeup. It is very gentle and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and very soft. I do prefer a harsher exfoliant like St Ives more though.
Blitz Your Zitz To Bitz - £3.99.
Featuring a light formula, this moisturising face wash leaves the skin feeling soft and cleansed with a fresh subtle scent. For best results use twice daily.
I've been using this with my clarisonic. It lathers nicelys and leaves my face feeling smooth and cleansed without any dryness afterwards. I was worried my skin might react badly to the face washes, but these products are completely innoffensive in scent and have been very gentle on my skin.
Easy Peasy No Squeezy Spot Roll On Treatment - £3.99.
Featuring a non-sticky formula with salicylic acid, this spot treatment actively targets spots and blemishes while purifying pores. Easily absorbed, just apply to the affected area with the roller ball nozzle.
 Along with the moisturiser this is my favourite and I would repurchase. It's really easy to use, great to pop in your bag when you are out and about too. If I feel a new spot on my face I like to apply this before bed and let it work overnight - it takes them down oand stops them from becoming as bad as they might have done. I love products like this, especially on my spot prone skin!

All in all I love the range, the packaging, the gentleness of the products and the great price. You can purchase Anatomicals online at ASOS & in Superdrug.


Unknown said...

These look fab :)


Vivian said...

Great collection! Will try these out.