Friday, September 28, 2012

Enrapture Jumbo Waver.

About five weeks ago I got the Enrapture Jumbo Waver* and I've been trying to get to grips with it ever since. I've been hearing about the brand for a while now on blogs and I was excited to get to try one of their products for myself.

I chose the jumbo waver because I wanted some nice defined waves in my hair. I already have naturally curly hair but I wanted to see how waves would look.

First things first, as you will see above in the pics, the packaging is gorgeous. The storage box is strong and great to reuse. The waver came with a booklet and a heat resistant case to put the waver in too. So, I let my hair dry naturally and attempted to use this.. Geez, this thing is huge! I can't explain it here, but search youtube and take a look at some of the videos, it is huge .. along with the hugeness comes heaviness and I found this so difficult to use at first, my wrist was killing.

So, I went ahead and did my whole head.. it wasn't the result I had hoped for and I figured that I was going to need to flat iron my hair and then wave it.. waving over my hair in it's natural state wasn't really making a great deal of difference.  So I tried that and it looked nice (see above hair pic) .. it took ages to do because I have lots of thick hair, but I did get used to the heaviness after a few sections. I tried this on my Mum who has naturally straight hair and it works perfect for her.. Ideally for me I wouldn't want to have to straighten my hair and then wave it with more heat..

I did love how this made my hair look, but with my hair type I can usually get a similar effect from plaiting my hair and leaving it overnight, and this was just lots of hard work, what with drying, flat ironing and then waving my hair. It's my fault, I chose to try this product, I wish I had gone for the tong/wand now.. I've seen videos on that and it seems to give more defined curls with heat control.  One for the wishlist!

If you have straight hair and you want to wave it (like my Mum) this would be great. If you have thick, already wavy /curly hair like me, it may not work so well without straightening first.

Check it out on the Enrapture website, here.


Unknown said...

Ooh looks fancy, cute effect too :)

Sophierosehearts x

Louise H said...

I soooooo want one of these - my hair is naturally pretty straight so I think it would be perfect

shepherdess said...

I've always wanted one of these! Great review.

How is your health keeping?

Love your blog! x

Unknown said...

They are lovely and very luxurious :)

Unknown said...

Yep, definitely great for straight hair! My Mum loves the effect on hers :)

Unknown said...

Aw! Thank you. My health is so/so at the moment, better than earlier in the year for sure. :)

Annie said...

I usually have long straight hair that I find it looking dull so I am interested in trying it out. I want to have curls to give it volume and to make a change on my hairstyle. I think by doing this, it will make me look younger.