Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lipstick Love: Burberry Lip Velvet.

Just look at them a little longer... *lustful look* .. are they not the most beautiful lipsticks you ever did see?

It's love! I've had these Burberry Lip Velvet Lipsticks* for about two weeks now and I have been admiring them constantly.. as well as wearing them of course!

These are part of the Autumn/Winter collection and they are matte velvet finish. Here's some official blurb:
Introducing Lip Velvet, an effortless long wear lipstick from Burberry Beauty. Its innovative formula deploys rich velvety colour with a matte radiant finish inspired by opulent English fabrics. Lips are left hydrated and comfortable.
Now, I totally dig the matte lip look, more than any other, but everyone knows that they can be the hardest to wear unless you have the most perfect lips, because they show every flaw.  These don't, they glide on smoothly, they feel like they are not there and they last.. and last! They are gel based, weightless and water resistant.

I love them, so much! They are some of the highest qualty lippies that I own, they are super duper pigmented and they do feel hydrating, that is not something you normally get with a matte lipstick unless you layer a gloss on top, but that just takes away from the flawless matte look. They do last too, I wore military red on a night out recently and it lasted for five whole hours before I had to touch it up. *Dreamy sigh*

The packaging speaks for itself.. It's classy, sturdy, has the beautiful classic print, as does the lipstick bullet and they have a little magnet which makes sure that lid isn't going anywhere.

Pink Apricot: This doesn't seem pink toned at all to me, it's a peachy nude shade. Great with a smoky eye look.

Military Red: Just.. wow! This is the perfect *bam* in your face bright festive beautiful red shade. It is so classic and eye catching. I love it more than any other red I own.

What do you think of these? Have you tried any of the new lipsticks? You can find them at Burberry counters and online (Link!) They are slightly pricy, but sooo worth it.


Aru said...

that red is...amazing *-*

Unknown said...

I LOVE the packaging, that apricot one is stunning too!

Sophierosehearts x

Unknown said...

i agree red is very peppy..For more please visit ppi claim company

Ana R said...

Wow! They look so gorgeous and classy. I super love the shade especially the pink apricot. I find them pricey but they are worth it. I can't wait to have one.

Unknown said...

I know, right? I am IN LOVE <3

Unknown said...

It's gorgeous, definitely a more day to day easy to wear shade :)

Rachel said...

I love burberry lipsticks!

I really keen to try these ones after reading your review :)


Catherine (@bcrueltyfree) said...

Wow. These are so stunning. I could never spend this type of money on lipsticks but.. I can admire their gorgeousness from afar :)

memoiselle said...

The red looks stunning! Such a pretty red to be worn on holiday season :)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I don't see the pink, either. But that red...WOW! Matte really seems to be the thing this fall...just glad that they've improved the formulas so it's not so drying.

Unknown said...

They look amazing.. xx