Friday, October 26, 2012

Vita Liberata: pHenomenal Tanning Mousse.

I'm far from a tanning expert but I do love to experiment with it every so often.. I'm not very confident with it though, I always get scared after I apply it that I'm going to end up a streaky mess of patchy tan.

I tried the Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan* on my sister back when it was a little bit sunnier (not a lot!) and I found it really simple to use. It's a mousse that blends in so nicely and dried pretty much instantly giving an instant glow. It's buildable and I used two coats on my sister over a few days before she went on holiday. She has a gorgeous, natural looking golden tan that lasted well, wasn't streaky (yay me!) and faded evenly.

I used a mitt to apply it after she had exfoliated and she looked really golden and brown. Here is her arm in comparison to my pastiness!
The tan lasted well (the two coats lasted for about 10 days total) and faded without looking patchy, it also didn't stink like biscuits the next day (major plus!)

It's quite a pricey tan (link!), but the fact that it's buildable and lasts so long definitely makes it worth it.


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Emie L said...

I love the packaging and how it blends well with the skin. Actually, I have never heard of this product but I am interested in trying it out. I reached the decision of having my skin tanned. This is the time for change!