Friday, November 30, 2012

Lipsense Lip Colour - It makes sense!

I think I have the best lip product ever to tell you about. If you love amazingly pigmented lip products that last (and last, and last) for hours without needing to be touched up and look totally amazing, keep reading! I first heard about Lipsense from someone on a video of mine I think. I was complaining that these lip stain pens that you get don't ever last or have any pigmentation - one commenter told me about Lipsense and I did some research because I was curious.

I wasn't sure I believed what I was reading at first. Lipsense is a kiss, smudge, eat, drink, whatever you like proof product that lasts for 12 hours... I know, you're thinking that sounds far fetched, but this really (REALLY) does not budge, once it is applied, it's staying put.

So anyway, I got talking to a lovely lady called Carol and she was kind enough to offer to send me some Lipsense as a gift and for me to try out. Of course I said yes!

Now, I'm not going to lie, when I got the package I looked at them, did some swatches on my hand (as you do) and then waited to see how long it lasted.. The swatch was dry in seconds and I couldn't get it off easily atall, I pretty much let it wear off in the end. Knowing that made me a little nervous about trying these out because I was scared I might mess up and look like a clown!

Anyway, let me get to the point. I finally got around to trying the product out and I just went in without remembering all that I had read and been told about applying them, and I looked like a clown! Looking like a clown in a really long wearing lip product that isn't that easy to remove was not good. Luckily Lipsense do a remover and I had a tube, so I got it off.

A few weeks later I decided I would try again. You are to apply the product to clean lips (no product atall) and sweep it on in one direction only, keep your lips apart and wait about 3 seconds and layer on another coat, do this until you have the desired opacity. So, this time I decided I was going to line my lips first, just to make sure I kept inside the lines. Lipsense do sell lipliners but I didn't have one, so I just hoped that it would work with my own liner underneath very faintly around the edges of my lips. And it worked, I was amazed by the results, my lips looked va-va-voom-alicious! High colour and literally not going anywhere, lasting colour and shine.

I've been addicted ever since and love this product for special occasions when you want a nice lipstick but don't want the hassle of touching up your lip colour all night. It is really genius! I have two colours, Blu Red which is a favourite of Christina Aguilera who I love and who is well known for rocking her glam red lip, and also a darker berry shade to layer on top for a different effect. The red alone is stunning and very festive looking, the blue tones also make your teeth look nice and white.. The berry is a great shade alone too but I love it layered over Blu Red, it just vamps it up and looks really good. I also got the remover and a clear gloss that you can apply over the colours for added shine.. Both of them work great, the gloss feels very hydrating over the stain of the colours, and the remover is great as dissolving the colour so you can wipe it away.
Blu Red
Seriously girls, if you want lasting lip colour I would really suggest you try this out. You can wipe your hand hard across your lips with this on and it will not go anywhere - I know how unbelievable that sounds but I'm serious, it's amazing! In my images above I show the Blu Red alone (The brighter shade) and with Berry over top. I also have the moiturising gloss over the top.

Lipsense have over 50 different colours available so you are bound to find something that you like and they do lots of other products too. They are $22 which is about £14 or so, which is more than worth it, I guarantee you that.

You can find out all you need to know about Lipsense, how it works and how best to apply it on the website too!  Also check out Carol's website, she has tons of info about the range of products and Lipsense.

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All About Ali Mai said...

wow these really do sound too good to be true. I hate having to top up lip products I always forget so only have lip colour on half the time. x