Wednesday, December 05, 2012

⋆ Blogmas, Day 5 ~ Things.

Happy Blogmas, Day 5! If any of you have anything you'd like to see in these Blogmas posts, leave me a comment.

The picture above is just a gorgeous snow pic.  Parts of the UK have woken to snow today, but not me. I do like snow and I think it looks so beautiful, but I hate it when it causes havoc and ruins plans. So I'd like some, maybe Christmas eve, day and boxing day. Haha!

I've been loving wearing the Snow Fairy solid perfume from LUSH. Apparently this was dicontinued, mine is old but surprisingly still perfect, it smells so good. I can still smell it right now and I put it on last night after my lush bath. Oh, I love Lush baths in winter!

Our cat, Little'un (Yes, that is his name) has been spending lots of time in the house, snoozing and keeping warm. It's rare for him because he's a proper outsider. I took this cute pic the other day. N'aww!

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