Sunday, December 09, 2012

⋆ Blogmas, Day 8 + 9. Pics and Stuff!

I'm already a failure at Blogmas. Yesterday I didn't post.. But I don't think it matters too much, as long as I make up for it. So today I thought I would post some instagram pics from recently and also my makeup from today and yesterday.

First off, here are the latest products from my Liz Earle Calendar. These are small vial samples, I don't think they are as comparable in value to the other products so far, but they're cute to have.

Yesterday I did a purple and silver party mkeup look.. I hadn't worn a pink lip for so long and it felt weird. Sorry for the quality, it's a phone pic. I liked how it came out though..
Today I wanted something more festive so I went for green eyes and a red lip. I just love red lips so much! The red here is my current fave, Military Red from Burberry, it is stunning.
Thanks for reading!

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