Monday, February 04, 2013

PaperSelf Eyelashes. Deer and Butterfly.

I love false eyelashes, I do. I just love how they can give an instant glamorous look to any makeup look. Recently I’ve been hearing about paper lashes and was curious of what they would be like to use.

Paper lashes you say? … Yep, these lashes from PaperSelf aren’t your standard full on glamour lash, they are made out of paper and are cut into cute intricate designs. They are so pretty!
I have the Deer and Butterfly small lashes* from Eyesbright I was hesitant to even use them, they just look so small and delicate in the box, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to stick paper eyelashes on either. I’m the kind of girl that likes a nice flexible lash band.

My pack came with four small lashes, I think the idea is to apply them in two parts to the lash line (which is always easier), but I liked just using the one small lash on the outer corner.

I can report that these look really cute when they are on the eyes. I apologise for no image of them on yet (it is coming!), I did wear them last weekend and I took a pic on my phone but it corrupted and I can’t use it, but rest assured, I will have a makeup look with these lashes on soon and you can see them in all their glory.

They were fairly easy to apply; I used tweezers to carefully place them on the eye. They are very delicate though, especially when you remove them! I mean, they are paper and are stuck to the eye with glue! So peeling them off was a bit of a task, and obviously you can’t use any water or makeup remover because they need to stay dry.

I’d say that these are perfect for special occasions and for a unique look, but treat them with care if you want to re-wear them.

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