Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Freeze 24-7, Skin Products!

I’ve recently been trying out a couple of products from the brand Freeze 24-7. I had never even heard of them before, but on doing some research I discovered that they recently came to the UK from the USA.

There have quite a few products in their range that sounds like mini miracles for your skin, and after trying out what I have, I am intrigued to see what their other products perform like.

The two products I’ve been trying out are the Skin Glacé Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask*, and the Instant Smoother & Brightener*.

So let’s talk about my thoughts!

First up, the Cleanser/Mask. I absolutely adore multi task products so much, and this is great and so refreshing on the skin. It reminds me of an Oxygen Face Mask that I own from Bliss when I use it as a mask. This product foams really well and is great for a quick cleanse, it removes face makeup really easily, I much prefer it as a mask though, after massaging it into the skin it foams and foams, then the foams bubbles dissipate and you can feel then popping on your skin, it is super refreshing and left my skin feeling really bright and very clean looking and feeling - I even felt like my pores were much clearer after this.

The Smoother/Brightener product excited me, because it sounded so good from what I had read. This product is like a primer for the face if you want it to be - but again, it is multi use, you can put it over makeup for brightening, and under makeup for smoothing/brightening. I prefer to apply it underneath and I love what it does, it really fills in and smoothes out all of my flaws, helping my foundation to just glide on and look fresh. With this on my makeup lasts really well too .. always a plus! I find when I use it underneath my eyes before concealer that it stops it from creasing and looks SO much brighter for longer.

These are more pricey skin care products, but you can feel that they are quality when you use them. I absolutely have loved using them - they are are luxurious.

Cleanser and Mask Available here.
Smoother and Brightener Available here.

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