Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keeping My Tablet Computer Nicely Snugg!

Hey Guys,

So last year I desperately wanted to purchase a tablet to be able to use when I’m travelling and at home when I don’t want to set up my laptop. I couldn’t afford anything too expensive, but I did manage to pick up a reasonably priced Android Tablet, which I love! I use it mostly for reading to be honest, but it does come in handy for reading blogposts and watching videos on You Tube.

Mine didn’t come with any accessories really, so I purchased a stylus and a cheap case from Ebay, which was plasticy and not very protective feeling really.

But recently I heard about a website called The Snugg, they sell cases for iPad’s, iPhone’s and other tablets. I wasn’t sure which would be good for mine, as it isn’t an expensive or well known branded one, but after a bit of research on the dimensions of mine, I figured it was pretty similar in size to the 7” Kindle Fire. So I got The Snugg Black PU Leather Kindle Fire Cover* and hoped it would fit.

It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but it slipped in and feels very snugg (!) and safe in it’s new case. The case is really nice quality, it feels so sturdy and safe for my tablet, the leather it super soft, it has a nifty little place to keep my stylus, and it also stands up, or at an angle – which is perfect when you’re using it, rather than having to just hold it (or prop it against something, which I was doing!).

I absolutely love the case, the leather feels really great quality and expensive.
Haha. Hello Blog!
I am so happy with mine. I've been recommending it to lots of friends who own gadgets. If you need a new case for your iPad, Phone or Tablet, definitely check out TheSnugg.co.uk they have a big range too.

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Anonymous said...

Kewl. I'mma check this out. I need a new ipad cover.