Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life Lately, in Instagram Pictures.

Hey Lovelies!

Today is an instagram photo collage of just some random ‘life’ pics and whatever. I did start doing these a while back, but they were on my iPod and I got out of the habit, but now I have a phone with Instagram on, so I’m pretty addicted. Make sure to follow me here!
1 - Just a fun, true quote. Normal is boring! If we were all normal and the same, it would be bor-ing!
2 - Bright, Spring nails! This shade is Hot Tropic from Look Beauty. Love it!
3 - The new Bourjois cream blusher in Nude Velvet. It's gorgeous!
4 - 'If it's meant to be, it will be.' I totally believe in this quote! Just leave it to fate.
5 - My face, coloured and edited times four!
6 - This speaks for itself. I love it!
7 - GOSH Boombastic mascara. The wettest, gloopiest thing! It didn't work for me.
8 - Oh look, me again. I love to just edit pics sometimes.
9 - Christina Aguilera. I have a girlcrush on her, she's gorgeous and confident and sexy! Who's with me?
10 - Another quote. Ca you tell I love these? I love this romantic one. I love romance. *Sigh*
11 - Rebel Lipstick from MAC. Love, love, love!
12 - No makeup and straight hair. Simples.
13 - My eye, bright makeup! 
14 - Chicago. This is 'The Bean' I think. I just love the look of Chicago and have a friend there who I want to go see and meet! *Dream ~ Someday!*
15 - REN Facemask. This is da bomb, and I've only tried it once so far!
16 - My retro glam sunglasses. These were bargaintastic from Primark and I laaaav them!
17 - Makeup gifts from Christmas that I've been playing with!
18 - My Mum and I. She's my everything. <3
19 - The pretty sky! The sun was shining behind that cloud and I liked it.
20 - Candy love hearts.. How could I not take a photo of that!

That's all for now. I may do more of these if you like them. Don't forget to check these out of Instagram ad follow me there. Link!

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