Monday, June 24, 2013

Loving! ... Time Bomb Skincare.

Today I really want to talk about some lovely products that I’ve been loving from Time Bomb Skincare Range* lately, I actually tried their youth juice a while back and love it, so I was very excited to try some of their other offerings.

I absolutely adore the packaging of all of these products, I like that it looks simple and yet classy. It’s definitely a higher end skin care line, but it’s still affordable and definitely worth it in my opinion.

I have to be honest, serum isn’t ever a product that I use religiously, sometimes I don’t have time or I simply just forget to use it. I’ve been using this one every single morning before my day moisturiser though, and I really feel like it makes a difference, it leaves my skin feeling a lot smoother and looking fresh and ready for makeup. It feels very hydrating and gives my skin a healthy look. It’s a nice thin consistency that sinks in within thirty to forty seconds, and then you can move on to the rest of your skincare and makeup.

I remember getting a small sample of this in a Glossybox ages ago and using up the whole tube really quickly! I don’t always use a separate night cream to day cream because it just seems simpler to use the same moisturiser. This cream is so nice though, more rich and intense than a day cream, and it is full of anti ageing ingredients to work on your skin while you sleep. I wake up with nice a fresh face in the morning when I use this cream, I’m not kidding, my skin still feels hydrated, it is smooth and it doesn’t look dull. I actually wake up with skin that looks awake! I love, love, love this!

This has to be one of the standout products for me and I love them all. This is a totally amazing exfoliating treatment that removes dull, lifeless dead skin cells from your face and leaves everything much brighter ad smooth, it doesn’t try my skin out at all either, which some exfoliators can. This has the finest magnesium oxide crystals in it (which the professionals use!) and it lifts away all dull and dead skin, revealing a fresher, glowy face beneath! I find the effects so addicting that I could literally use it every day... Not that I would need to and I don’t think it would be wise to over-exfoliate, so I use it every other day instead!

All in all I love everything I have tried from this range. The products are such great quality products that don’t irritate my skin; they give a fresh, gorgeous, youthful, hydrated skin, and that’s all we want, right ladies?! They also sell smaller sizes in them all, so you can give them a try without purchasing a full size - love that!

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