Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Makeup Brushes: Real Techniques Core Collection.

Makeup Brushes... They are most definitely one of my biggest obsessions when it comes to buying beauty products, there is nothing quite like trying new brushes out, I love it.

I wanted to try these brushes from Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman (I love Pixiwoo!) for absolutely ages, but I never got around to it and I wasn't sure which ones I'd like to try. Ideally, I'd love to try them all out now that I know how these perform.

So anyway, I went for the Core Collection from Boots, a set especiallly for creating the perfect canvas - the flawless face. I had heard rave after rave about the buffing brush and I wanted in on that action! These haven't disappointed, I actually love all of the brushes and have used them all, the packaging and style is lovely, they are really soft synthetic bristles, and after multiple washes they have not shed or lost shape.

My Thoughts:

- Contour Brush
I was very excited for this brush, I usually use the MAC 168 for contour, but I loved the tapered edge of this. It works really well for a concentrated amount of contour product, but I find it quite dense in comparison to the 164, which is fluffy and blends the product too. I had to work a little more to blend with this, but it does do the job. It is really great for applying cream blusher and highlighting products too though, and I still reach for my 168 for contouring.

- Pointed Foundation Brush
This brush is very small for a foundation brush and I wasn't sure I'd love it too much, but I tried it out and found that it had a couple of uses for me. Firstly, it's really nice for blending in concealer underneath the eyes, the pointed edge means that it fits nicely into smaller spaces. I also like this brush for adding cream highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones.

- Detailer Brush
Like the foundation brush, I was unsure about this, it just seemed so small, but it is wonderful for spot concealing, even the tiniest of blemishes. I also really love it for the lips and I have been known to use it on the eyes, it works great for smudging the lower lashline.

- Buffing Brush
The star of the show, and they are a ll good brushes. This is so dense and soft (did I mention that they are all super soft? They are!) and it works so nicely at blending and buffing product all over the face, I've used it for liquid, cream and powder foundation and it works like a charm every time, leaving a nice flawless looking face. I love it!

What are your thoughts on the Real Techniques brushes? Any suggestions of what to try next?
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