Thursday, July 11, 2013

- The Next Apprentice ~ Cosmetic Enhancements!

Who watches the Apprentice? I really enjoyed the semi final last night and I love that two women are in the final. I really like both of them too, which is rare!

I didn't like Luisa to start off with but she has grown on me and she seems to know what she's doing. Her business is pretty risk free, selling baking accessories and stuff.

But I was curious about the Doctor girl, Leah. Her business idea is to open up a cosmetic enhancement place where you can go for botox and fillers, etc. It was obvious that Lord Sugar knows that this business venture could bring him lots of profit, but you could also see the concern he had over how moral it is to do that.. Leah reassured him she would not work on people who had overdone it.

I guess it must be a scary business venture though! If it goes wrong there could be all kinds of claims against him.  I mean, you see these adverts on TV for whiplash injury compensation or accidental falls etc. But you never see them for “Botox gone wrong” .. And we all know it can! Er, Pete Burns anyone.. Lesley Ash?

It is interesting to think about though. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to ever have fillers, even though I’d like fuller lips. But I’d try botox I think, just to see what it’s like. It is unlikely that I will ever be able to afford that though! I wonder if Lord Sugar would have any if he chooses Leah as the winner?!!

So what are your thoughts, who would you like to win the Apprentice? I don't mind which girl wins.

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Unknown said...

Generally waivers are signed for common things that aren't the Drs fault (like people disliking the result even though it's what they'd aimed for) and they're insured up to hilt so things are dealt with fairly quickly. Most mistakes come from not employing the right people or using the wrong implant (ie pure silicone).
The bigger problem with cosmetic enhancements are the longer-term problems, with more research and people that have had them ageing and coming across problems, the market could dwindle significantly in the next few years.
They both annoy me quite a bit, so I couldn't chose one.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought the risk was due to the fact that there are zillions of places you can go to get botox done already.

Botox and fillers aren't something I'd ever be interested in. I've taken good care of skin from a young age and I think it looks good for nearly 43. Look at people like Janice Dickinson - her face is a mess when she should have left it alone!

Unknown said...

You're so right about Janice! I love her, but she has made a mess of herself. I'd consider trying botox for my browline where I frown, only because I'd be curious to see how it did. It's certainly not something I'd want to do much though. Kylie Minogue is a fine example of a frozen face... as beautiful as she is. She's have more character without it! x