Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photo-a-Day ~ Day Thirty ~ Avon Nails!

When I was in my teens I was an Avon addict. Must of my makeup collection consisted of their Colour-trend products and  I loved one of their fragraces, but I don't remember the name of it now.

I know in recent years they've got the Pixiwoo sisters on board and released so may cool products that I've read good things about (dying to try the gel eyeliner pencils that they have!), so I'm quite excited to start rediscovering them and their products.

Last week I got this speed dry nail polish in turquoise pop and I could not wait to paint my nails in it. It's a perfect summer shade that is bright and fun. First off, the brush is one of those wide maxi brushes which I love! The polish was opaque within two coats and had a gorgeous glossy finish, and it lasted a good few days before I chipped it too! (I always chip polish without fail!) . .  I can't make too much comment on drying time though, as I applied my Seche Vite on top before it had set. I wouldn't have said it dried in 30 seconds though.

I love the bottle, the brush and the pigmentation and I'm definitely up for trying some more from Avon now!

Check out Avon online, here!

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