Monday, July 29, 2013

Photo-a-Day ~ Day Twenty Nine ~ Magnolia and Mûre.

I'm not a perfume expert, I can't explain the different notes or things that I pick up from taking a sniff very well.. I just know if I like something or if I don't.

I kind of see perfume smelling like wine tasting, you know how they swill it and pick out individual things? I can't do that and I'm not good at it with scents.

So, enough rambling. This is one fragrance from a new L'Occitane fragrance collection La Collection De Grasse. Here is what they say!
A sensual blend of flower and fruit, the Magnolia & Mure Eau de Toilette allures with its shimmering, velvety scent.

The prelude to this fragrance includes notes of magnolia, made with an essential oil from the Far East. The eau de toilette evolves with wild and musky blackberry notes, giving a tenderrness to the woody profile.

To enhance the intensity and longevity of this fragrance, layer with Magnolia & Mure Perfumed Body Milk.

Magnolia & Mure Eau de Toilette is part of our Grasse Collection, named after the city of Grasse in Provence. Located near the Mediterranean, the city became known as the "perfume capital of the world," by combining the cultivation of local flora with the trade of precious Eastern ingredients.
I'd definitely agree with bits of that. It's definitely is fruity and that is the first thing I get when I spray it on, but I feel like it turns more musky after it's been on for a while. It's a day fragrance for me and it really does last for a few good hours which is great because I never remember to reapply my perfume very well.

Check it out here.
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