Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer fun on the road.

Who here loves a road trip? I really do! I love watching them in movies and I love going on them with my friends. I've not been on many in my time and I've always thought how fun they look in a movie and they travel across America in a convertible with the wind in their hair.

Mine have been slightly different, but equally as fun, it's what you make it, right?!

It's been a long while since I've been on one and when I used to go I'd be totally unprepared for it and just grab the things I needed without thinking about it.. Today it would be far  more hectic, I'd want to take along so many essentials  and probably a change of clothes. When I was a teen I didn't worry so much about things. Let's not forget snacks and things. It's funny how my friends and I would just go on a long drive to wherever and be totally unprepared for anything. But one thing we always had was fun.

So I think my dream road trip would be something like the one they have in the movie Crossroads with Britney, maybe not the best movie ever, but it's girly and fun and they stop off and go to cool places. It would have to be in America too, so I could explore there. Only in my dreams of course!

I do think it's about time some friends and I got some stuff together and went off to have some fun though. I haven't spent quality time with them on way too long, and with this lovely weather it would be perfect!

Here are some of the cars I think would be fun to explore in!
What's funny about all of this is that I don't even drive or have a car, I have friends who do though. I know classic car insurance*  and learning can be on the costly side sometimes, and I also don't know if I have the nerve to attempt to drive a car! I'd like to try though, my 17 yr old sister just started lessons actually, perhaps she can teach me someday! ;)

Tell me about your fun road trips. I want to go on one now! A blogger road trip would be fab, huh?

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