Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Yogi Fat Barrel Hair Curling Wand.

Back in December I had my hair cut into a short layered bob that was wavy and voluminous when styled. I took a while to learn how to style it to have it looking it's best but I really liked it. As it grew I liked it more but my curling methods were taking me ages to do and I really thought a fat barrel wand would be better to use on it, especially because I have naturally thick/already curly hair anyway.

I've been using this Fat Barrel Wand* from Yogi for a few weeks now and it's perfect for the look that I want (shown above).

The wand itself is black with a simple on off switch. It has a rubber feeling handle that's really easy to grip when you're curling, and it also comes with a handy heat glove so that you don't burn your fingers. I would suggest you use the glove with the Yogi wand, as one of the great features is that it heats up right to the tip of the barrel, this means you can get burnt if you don't remember though! I managed to burn both thumbs on my first try because I was foolish and thought I could do it without the glove. Haha!

The wand heats up to 160 degrees super fast and the ceramic barrel means each curl has a lovely smooth look and shine to it. I like that it doesn't heat up to a ridiculous 210 degree heat too, I think that temperature is unnecessary for curls. I know I'm lucky because my hair holds curl well anyway, but I only need to hold the strands on this for about five seconds and the curl is perfect.

This has definitely become my go to curling tool and I simple love it! I would definitely recommend it if you're in the market for a curling wand. This particular wand currently is on sale on the website for just £39.95 instead on £64.95.

Keep an eye on my you tube channel too, I'll be putting a video up as soon as I can. (I'm currently having editing probs!) I'll post that here too.

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Scotlass99 said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! Totally jealous of your thick hair!! xx