Thursday, August 08, 2013

A little nail essential...

Hi Guys!

Today I wanted to finally do a quick post about one of my essential nail products when I'm DIY'ig my manicure. I never ever go to get my nails done professionally nowadays, mainly because I can't afford it, but I think I've got pretty nifty at doing them myself in recent months.

This nail and cuticle oil* from Viridan is a great help. It's completely natural and really hydrates my whole nail and cuticle area. I try to apply it at least once a day and spend a few moments just massaging it around my cuticles. It sinks in without leaving any slippery greasy feeling and it leaves my nails and cuticles looking healthy.

Another plus is that over the time I've been using this (a couple of months) I feel that my nails have really strengthened and don't peel or chip as easily any more, my cuticles are much more manageable too.

It comes in a glass bottle with a really handy pipette and you only need the smallest amount to cover all fingers (and thumbs!) It's only £12.95 and you can check it out here!
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