Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crown Brush Syntho Collection..

I've said it before (like a thousand times) and I'll say it again, and again and ag.. (Oh, nevermind!)


Okay, now that I've got that out of the way we can move on. Hah! Sorry. But I really, really do, I mean it's like an obsession - I have way more than I'll ever be able to use in a day or an application, but I still keep on getting new ones and my collection continues to grow.

I really do believe that the makeup brush goes a long way towards makeup application. I struggle now to remember the days when I used fingers and ridiculous flimsy sponges to try to make myself look decent. Makeup brushes really made a difference when I started to use them and that's how I became obsessed. I just love trying out a shiny new brush and seeing what I can 'create' with it.

So I was super happy to try out the new Syntho* range from Crown Brush.. I mean, look at them! They are shiny and new and oh so lovely. These brushes are some the the softest I've ever used and they're all synthetic (obviously). They all do their job and apply products beautifully.

So let's go through them individually and see what they're for, and what I did with them... (From left to right)

Pointed Kabuki:
This is a lovely dense and sturdy little brush. I really like to use it for cream products, especially blush and highlighter. I did try it for foundation, which is applied smoothing, but I just like a foundation brush with a longer handle.

Deluxe Fan:
This brush was the first to catch my eye, I don't own anything so big or fluffy! It's gorgeous and soft but too large for applying anything to my face. Great at sweeping away fall out, or for dusting bronzer onto the chest area too.

Precision Powder:
I love this brush, it's a little tapered so works a treat for blush bronzer or contour (or all three!) .. It's also nice to dust your setting powder on with. The tapered point means it applies and blends really well at the same time.

Angle Shader:
This brush it pretty large and felt too big to use in the crease of my eye. I was stumped for a while, but then I used it for undereye concealer and it fit really well and got close to the eye because of the angle, it blends flawlessly too.

Deluxe Blending Crease:
This is lovely, it's just like a synthetic 217. Great for many things, eyelid, crease, concealer. It's probably one of my most used out of these. I love the 217 from MAC and I love this synthetic dupe!

Precision Crease:
This is short and stubby, kind of like a pencil brush to me. It works well on the lower out corner of the lash line and also for a really dark colour in the outer crease if you want lots of definition.

Angle Fluff:
I don't find this brush to have any 'fluff' to it really. It's soft and works well on the eyelid, but I like angled brushes to really get a clean defined line in my socked, but this doesn't have enough fluff, it's kinda flat and angled, works nicely to the inner lid because it's small.

Mini Concealer:
I thought this was an eye shader until I looked! That's what I've used it for, it packs colour onto the eye lid well, it's soft but stiff enough to pick up a good amount of shadow. I think it would work well with concealer too though.

Chisel Shader:
I love this this brush! I use it to add colour along the upper and lower lash lines. The bristle are short, stiff and they really help to define the lash line.

Brow Duo:
This is a perfect addition. Does exactly what it's supposed to, the brow brush is soft and adds shadow to the brows without being too harsh. The spoolie end it ideal for brushing through them.

Have you tried any Crown Brushes? Let me know your faves!

You can check out this range on the Crown Brush website.
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