Friday, August 09, 2013

My Experience: Sleep In Rollers!

Soooo, sleep in rollers! What do they do? are they good? do they work? can you sleep in them?!! So many questions! I'm here to tell you about my experience with these!

So, I was sent these rollers about a month or so ago to try out and review. I was slightly nervous about having to put all of my hair into rollers.. I am not the best at doing my own hair for some reason! I have no problems doing somebody else's though..

So, the first thing I noticed was how squishy the actual rollers were, they are just a bit of velcro wrapped around a soft, squishy pink piece of sponge... Sounds simple, but actually works! The velcro in these is actually quite strong and held in my hair pretty well.

I got the Mega Bounce Gift Set, which is lovely. It has 20 rollers, 10 original and 10 mega bounce, a drying hood (not shown here) and some hair grips to help hold the rollers in - it also comes with a cute travel bag to keep everything together and take with you!

So, 20 rollers in total.. I have to be honest, I only just managed to do my whole head. I probably needed about 5 more rollers to comfortably do my whole head (You can buy top up packs).. I was really rolling some thick sections towards the back of my head.

I did use the grips to secure the rollers and they felt nice and tight, not like they were going to flop out of my hair if I moved my head. Also, the hood is super cute, it's bright pink and huge, so it easily fits over the huge rollers. I like that they include that in this set for those who might not want to sleep in them.

So, the result? It was good! These are quite large rollers so I was never going to end up with tight springy curls, but I did end up with big, voluminous, bouncy hair! It was so nice and felt very glam. Here are my pics.. I know they're not the best, but I had to be my own photographer that day. You get the idea though, my hair was so smooth and full of bounce and volume!
Nice! I really liked how it looked, I loved the lift I got at the root, and with a bit of back combing and hairspray it held well enough for a night out!

The last question to answer is the sleeping one! Can you sleep in them? ... I can't, no. *Sigh* .. BUT, I am a very light sleeper, I'm awkward, fidgety and I take ages to get comfortable and to sleep at night, there is no way a head full of big rollers (no matter how squishy) was going to help me.

However, I did do a lay down test and you can lay down in them and they do squish to your head quite comfortably, so if you're not Miss Awkward when it comes to sleeping and you don't think it would bother you, go for it. They are definitely soft enough to sleep on.

Check out this set here, and other options here!
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