Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Healgel Eye. (Brighten those peepers!)

Meet Healgel* (Not heel gel!), my new favourite eye cream. I've been using this for the past.. Well, couple of months I'd say, and I've been loving it.

I love the simple packaging for a start, it's to the point and not overly fancy or feminine.. It almost looks medical, but I like that it gets to the point and tells you what you can expect.  The bottle is a handy little pump bottle and the actual product inside is like a lightweight gel.

I use one small pump for both eyes, dabbing it under and around my eyes with my ring fingers. It instantly has a slight cool effect which feels refreshing on the skin, the lightweight consistency sinks in really quickly and the under eye area is primed and ready for whatever else you want to do.

This smooths, soothes and instantly brightens under my eyes. If I haven't had much sleep and I put this on it has an awakening feeling that makes me look more alive than like a zombie! And over the time I have been using it I feel like it's plumped and hydrated the sensitive under eye area and it looks much brighter now than when I started.

I've tried eye creams in the past that I've just been putting on because they say that they do good things, but I don't always notice any difference. I did with this and that is why I felt the need to post about it. If you want an eye cream that actually feels like it's helping and working, try this.

Heal Eye Gel is available here.
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1 comment:

Jess said...

Hmmm...interesting. This seems like a great product to try out. I wanna try this out for I am having problems with slight dark circles that I got these past few days.