Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Holy Grail Cleansing.

I love oil cleansers, I love how they remove everything with no stress to your skin or eyes.. The fabulous oil cleansers from Shu Uemura are quite literally the best thing ever. I am in love with this product! So. In. Love.

So, this antioxidant cleanser* is full of green tea extract that will protect your skin from the stresses the environment can cause to it... And, it's also an amazing cleanser.

You apply this to dry skin and massage gently with your fingers, it totally works on the eyes and this is the reason I love it so... It literally helps your heavy makeup and mascara to just glide off with no effort and I am all for that. My face is clean within 2 minutes with this. You add water to emulsify, massage a little more and then rinse.

My skin isn't left with the typical dry/tight feeling that some cleansers leave, but it feels baby soft and smooth, as well as squeaky clean. No greasy residue is left behind either, this is just the perfect cleanser, end of.

Okay, so it's a little on the pricey side.. I always thought so before I tried it - but now that I have, it is SO worth it. This is the smaller bottle, and I've been using it for a couple of months and I've barely used a third up yet. I do use it for really heavy makeup removal/cleanse offs though, and not daily.

Anyway, I highly recommend - I feel that everyone who tries this will love it! Check it out, Link!

Tell me, what are your fave cleansers?

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Dani said...

Looks got.
Im gonna test it and let you know :)