Monday, October 28, 2013

My Halloween Cute Cat Look, With Green Eyes!

This weekend I felt inspired to play with some Halloween type of looks, I did one cute and one scary, here is the cute one. I already had some cat ears, and for a costume it's easy to wear black, so I just did the makeup look and added some cool lenses that I recently received from a website called Lenstore .. They have a really nice selection of coloured lenses that are really nice for all sorts of looks, but I really loved the green ones and figured they'd be perfect for a cat.
It's not the most perfect makeup, but I think that it would be super cute and fun for a night out. The lenses really take it up a notch too, I love how vivid the lenses look, yet so natural. These lenses are the Freshlook Colorblend lenses in Gemstone Green and they feel so easy to wear and put in and remove. They are really soft and went it with ease without my eyes watering at all, and they make me look like I have real green eyes.. I always wanted to play around with eye colours! I did also get the same lenses in the shade amethyst, they are pretty but much more subtle than the green, I didn't feel they made such a dramatic difference. Check the lenses out here and check out the range of Halloween Lenses here.
So, onto the actual makeup look. It's quite self explanatory really, I did a very dramatic eye with my Crown Brush smoky eye palette, I used some purples and blacks. I added some very dramatic lashes on my lower lashline and a ton of mascara on top. I did a dramatic winged liner, coloured my nose and top lip with black gel liner and added the red lips and whiskers.  I think when you're doing a look like this, it's best to just go with it and see what happens.  The lenses and the ears were my final touches to becoming a black cat!

I'm actually going away for a week tomorrow and my little Sister is very excited for me to do her makeup as a cat, I'll try and post a couple of pics of that, either here or on Instagram.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a Happy Halloween! . . Oh, and Lenstore are offering 10% off for new customers when you enter the code Makeupwonderland_Reader at the checkout.

What are you going to be this year?

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