Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scary 'Demonic/Vampy/Zombie' Halloween Makeup.

Helllooooo. Happy Halloween (eve)!!

I wanted to do a not so cute Halloween vampy look for a change this year, so I got a ton of makeup together, went for it, and above is the result. I spent quite a while applying messy makeup which seemed weird, but I enjoyed looking freaky instead of like a glam vampire, or the cute cat look I recently did.

I used my normal foundation for this, mixed with a (terrible, transparent) white face paint. I then powdered and used mostly my 120 palette from eBay to do the eyes and mouth area.. I used reds and blacks on the eyelids, blues and purples with a little black and red under the eyes. I tried to do some small veins coming from the eyes, and really blended them so they weren't harsh.

Someone told me they thought I looked demonic.. I kind of was going for vampy, but to be honest you could use this for a zombie, vampire, whatever. I like the 'demonic' idea. I think it's the lenses in my eyes that give the posessed look, and I love these and how bold they are but that they allow my natural eyes to show. They are the 15mm Defined Ring Lenses* from the website Eyes Bright, who sell absolutely loads of lenses on their site, from normal colours to freaky sclera lenses.. I would definitely recommend trying them out for all your lens needs.

I also have a video on YouTube to go along with this look. You can see it here.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

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I like the result<3