Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some things from Stargazer.

I was recently contacted by a nice lady at Stargazer and asked if I would like to try a few of their products out. I hadn't tried anything of theirs in quite some time so I accepted their kind offer.

I remember buying this makeup when I was in my teens and I was looking forward to seeing what it was like now. The answer is that it hasn't actually changed that much. I was sent a mix of products, most of them are in shades that I wouldn't ordinarily have chosen for myself, but it's been fun playing with them and swatching them.

Here are my swatches of all of the products, and my thoughts.

These swatches really speak for themselves. The star pearl eye shadow is insanely pigmented, the matte shades (as with most matte colours) are not so intense - the mattes are actually 'pressed powder' and not eyeshadows, so I guess you can use them for the face and wherever. They glow under UV lights I believe. The shimmer was smooth to apply and felt like butter. The mattes are a little on the chalky side but I think would work well with a creamy base, maybe a NYX jumbo pencil or similar. The shimmer really impressed me though and I intend on looking to see what other shades they have in that formula.
The nail polish I received was a sheer sparkly pink shade. I would say it makes for nice shimmer topcoat to other polishes. I painted it over a nude shade here and it just added a sheer pink sparkle topcoat. It dries fast and sparkles nicely. I'm not a big fan of shimmer polish and prefer an opaque block colour, but if you like shimmer and sparkle, this is pretty.
Onto the lipsticks. I was most excited about trying the lipsticks because I have an obsession with all things lips. These were nicely pigmented. The matt feels slightly drying so I would suggest some lip balm before application. The pink shade is sheer and has a nice glossy finish though, I really liked the formula and shade of this. I don't think the brown is my kind of shade unfortunately.
This was a hidden gem for me! The lovely eyeshadow pen! When I saw it I pulled a face and said 'eyeshadow?' but then I tried it. This is soft, creamy, pigmented and it makes for a great... lipstick! Yep, I'm not sure I'd wear it on my eyes, although I could see it working as a good creamy base (just maybe another shade). It's such a nice vivid lip shade though. I am in love with this and I would like to purchase all of them!
Last but not least, the cake liner. I don't use cake liner often, but I have tried them. This one is really nice! The pigmentation is fab, this colour is pretty, it's almost a teal/grey shade. I just activate with water and it creates a smooth paste. It's not waterproof though and does run if your eyes water. My tip to get around that is use a sealing gel, like the one from Illamasqua. it won't budge then.

So there you have it. Tell me your faves from Stargazer - Link! I really want one of their bit palettes. The thing I like is that most individual products are under £5.
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