Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Simple - Illuminating Radiance Cream.

We all hate that dull look that our skin can get during the winter, don't we? I know I do... As I said in a recent post, my (oily) skin becomes dry and patchy in places where it never usually does. I've been trying to battle this. Everyone wants fresh looking, glowy skin that looks healthy, don't they? Especially in the winter.

Recently I've been using the Illuminating Radiance Cream* from Simple. Who even knew they had such a product? I didn't, I just thought they had the simple cleanser/toner/moisturiser, but it seems I'm wrong on that.

What They Say...
You take care of your skin every day but sometimes, what you really want is an instant radiance boost. Discover our illuminating radiance cream, infused with multi-vitamins, skin-loving ingredients and light reflecting minerals: it captures the light for immediate natural radiant looking skin. It also protects your skin from UVA and UVB (SPF 15). Perfect even for sensitive skin.

My Thoughts...
Firstly, I don't believe this is a moisturiser, although it does have some hydration in it. I always like to apply a little under my moisturiser, or I mix this with my foundation.. Or on a non-makeup day I just wear it mixed with moisturiser. 

I love the packaging, it has a pump bottle which I love, and the colours of the bottle are really appealing. It's a nice texture that blends in easily and doesn't feel greasy at all. When I first tried it, I applied it to one side of my face and left the other plain and I could really tell a difference, the side with the cream looked healthy and glowy, the other half was dull (hah!). I don't know how because it just looks like a lotion and even looking up close I could not see the shimmer that it must contain to give my skin the radiant look, but it does.

There are other creams on the market that do the same things as this, I think Clarins have one and it's quite pricey, but this is just £8.99! Perfect for the Summer months too because of the SPF 15. I really love this and will definitely repurchase, it's a great pick me up for tired skin.

Available here.

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