Monday, November 18, 2013

→ Winter Skin Treat!

I really enjoy using an oil on my skin, especially in these colder months where my oily skin tends to get lots of dry patches, no doubt from the weather and having the central heating on much more.  I was intrigued by the the fact that this product from REN, The Omega 3 Optimum skin Serum Oil* was a Serum and Oil in one.

What They Say...
A transforming oil that strengthens the skin’s vital lipid barrier and re-energizes skin cell activity to dramatically improve moisture levels, boosts overall skin health and vitality while reducing the signs of wrinkles, premature ageing and sensitivity.

My Thoughts...
This is more of an oil that a serum in texture, it's quite liquidy like an oil rather than a serum. I like to use two pumps for my face and neck before I go to bed every night, it feels like such a treat for my skin and I like to spend a few minutes just massaging it in.

It takes a while to soak in I find, but it is more of a night time product I think, so it's fine to go to bed with a bit of a shiny face.. It's especially worth it when you wake up in the morning with super soft, plump, hydrated skin. My skin glows the morning after I use this and it feels great.

It only costs £28 too. Others oils I have tried in the past have been pricier than this and my skin hasn't thanked me as much as it does for this. I'd say this is a definite winter skincare staple.

Available here.
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Heather Nixon said...

Sounds like a great product - I love REN skincare x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness