Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box. Mmm!

I’ve mentioned the Discovery Box* from The Fragrance Shop on my blog a few times, It’s just £5 a quarter and I love the concept of being able to try out a few scents and deciding what you like before you go ahead and buy a full size… Plus the box comes with a set of money off vouchers to each fragrance that’s in the box, so you can purchase it and save some cash too, definitely worth the money, although not so good if you want to get them all. Haha!

So the latest box is like a bonus bumper box and comes full of nine (instead of the usual five) sample scents for you (and your man) to try, it comes with three male scents and six female ones.

So, I gave the guy ones to my boyfriend (Boss Bottled, Hugo Man and L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme) I think we like them all too much to decide at the moment, I do think that I like the Issey Miyake the most though.

For myself, I am in heaven and actually do like all of the scents. The six female scents are:

Thierry Mugler, Angel: This is so potent and I do like it, but it’s not my fave of the bunch, I think it’s a little strong for me, definitely an evening scent.. My Mum is in love with this though. It’s very intense and it lasts all night.

Thierry Mugler, Alien: I'm in love. This is one of my faves in the box, I had heard the hype on this but never smelt it before.. it is gorgeous and I think I’ll be purchasing a bottle with my voucher! The full size bottle design is so cool too.

Nina Ricci, Nina: This is very fruity and summery, a perfect fresh scent for when the spring time comes. I like the scent a lot.

Gucci, Gucci Guilty: I love this one too and I want a full size, this is quite a deep scent and smells sexy and kind of musky to me (I am not a good at describing scent!) it would be an evening fragrance for me.

Givenchy, Very Irresistible: Sweet, floral, stunning. I really love floral scents and would totally wear this throughout the Summer.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Classique: This is already one of my favourite scents, I am currently out of it so getting this sample has just reminded me how much I love this and want a new bottle. It smells floral again, but muskier and it’s not such a sweet floral. It smells so good!

Check out the website here, the box is currently available!

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Marianna said...

Oh wow I have never heard of this before! I am actually so happy I read your post because I am a true sucker for beauty boxes and I am happy to finally discover another option that is actually available in the UK. A lot of them seem to be a US only thing!
I will definitely be trying this out. I pretty much love all the fragrances you mentioned too so it looks like the selection would be right up my street!
Great post, hope you ae enjoying the holidays!
Lots of love,

x o x o