Monday, February 10, 2014

Kind of a big deal . . .

Hi lovelies!

So, last week Yours Clothing had a special offer on, where they were offering 5 different dresses for 99p each. I was lucky enough to get in there quite quickly and ordered my choice (this one) of the 5 (it was only one per person)..

When it came on Saturday I tried it on and loved it. This is a £60 dress that I got for 99p! I posted a snap of it on Instagram and I thought I'd share it here as I am thinking I'd like to start doing some more plus size 'fashion' type posts as I get be more positive about how I look! Nice clothes help! :-) 

Posting the pic was a big deal for me, just because I really struggle with confidence, especially body confidence, but I've lost over 4 stone since last July and I am finally starting to feel slightly happier with myself. People on Instagram were so lovely about the image too, you can see it on Instagram here.
.. Please excuse the grainy phone pic and weird angle, this was a first for me..
Ohh and . . *Sidenote* If you're interested in the weightloss stuff, I have a blog here.

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Sal - AlienOnToast said...

You should feel totally happy with posting a pic, you look bloody gorge! Great dress!

Marianna said...

Hi! Oh my I am very jelly of that deal right now! And you look beautiful, I love the detailing on the dress! Also,congratulations on the weight loss.
And btw, your make-up goes so well with the whole look, I love it!
x o x o

Unknown said...

Thanks Sal. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Marianna, I appreciate that :)

Love Leah said...

I got this dress too. You look gorge in it! I love the way the gems jingle if you move fast. :)

I'd love to see more outfit posts from you. x
Just Me Leah

Unknown said...

Hey Leah, Thanks for the comment :) It's a lovely dress! :) I followed your blog too. xx